Author Sloan Parker
There are a variety of methods writers use to create a novel. I find it inspiring and illuminating to read about how others craft their stories, but I also feel it's important for authors to embrace their own process. It's a beautiful thing when a writer finds their creative sweet-spot. A blend of pre-planning and writing-as-I-go to fill in the blanks and expand the initial outline is the process that lately has been working the best for me.

For those of you who also prefer a structured approach, here are a number of popular plotting methods for writers:

The W Plot

I've used the "W Plot" method for several of my books, and I've found it works well to make sure I hit the right flow of highs and lows.

Methods Based on the Vorhaus Story Structure

Writing a Fast Draft

  • First Draft in 30 Days  
    Say goodbye to writing and rewriting with no results. Starting—and finishing—your novel has never been easier! By Karen Wiesner

  • Book In a Month  
    The Fool-Proof System for Writing a Novel in 30 Days by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

Outlining & Storyboarding

Miscellaneous Plotting Methods

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