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Excerpt of MORE THAN MOST (More Book 2)
by Sloan Parker

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Genre: Gay Erotic Romance/Suspense (M/M/M)

I returned to the kitchen. The empty space mocked my earlier thoughts of how I wanted to spend the night with them.
They knew what time my plane landed, and it wasn't like them to come home late without at least sending a text. Even Luke had gotten pretty good about letting us know what he was doing and when he'd be home.
Maybe they'd decided to head to the store to stock up on essentials before the storm got any worse. Or maybe Luke had gone to the library with Matthew to keep him company while he studied. Matthew's finals had to be getting close. Or had I already missed those? Which had me feeling like an even bigger ass about my recent work schedule.
Then I heard them.
Or more specifically, I heard Luke. His laughter eased the last of my tension.
I ditched my tie on the kitchen counter and followed the laughter down the back staircase toward the basement, my anticipation increasing with each step.
Luke's laughter grew louder, and he said, "It's not going to stay in there."
"Yes, it will." That was Matthew, the frustration evident in those three words.
"No, it's too big."
"It's not."
Their voices carried through the closed door of the makeshift bedroom I'd set up as a playroom—complete with a spanking bench and metal loops on the walls and floor for bondage play—when they'd first moved in. The loops were gone, and we didn't use the ropes or cuffs any longer, not after Luke had confessed he'd been asking us to tie him up as some kind of punishment he felt he deserved. But we still liked to mix things up and spend time in the basement when the mood struck any one of us.
Although that was another thing we hadn't done in a long time.
I slowly pushed open the bedroom door, so damn curious at what I'd find them up to.
Luke lay on his stomach across the width of the bed, his chin propped on his folded arms as he stared down over the edge of the mattress. His brown hair was a little longer than he normally wore it, and the snug black T-shirt and faded jeans perfectly showcased his lean runner's build and long legs. A gap was visible between the bunched-up T-shirt and the jeans, exposing his lower back. I wanted to run my hands over that skin, over every inch of him.
I held back. For now.
I couldn't see the best part of him. His eyes. Ever since that first night when I'd caught him staring at me from across the dining room at the Haven, those expressive blue eyes always told me what he was feeling or thinking—even when the rest of him was lying his ass off.
Now he lay there watching Matthew, who sat on the floor beside a giant cardboard box. Matthew held a squirming puppy in each hand. Both were mutts, some kind of German shepherd/Labrador mix from the look of them. One pup was black and brown. The other was the same but smaller with white at the tips of its paws and a white stripe along its belly. Matthew set the pups into the box right as two more popped their heads over the side, claws digging into the cardboard. They hung there, wiggling and whining, trying to get their plump little bodies over the edge.
"See." Luke pointed at the escaping puppies. "They're too old for a box."
Matthew stood and flopped onto his back on the bed, letting out an exasperated sigh as if he'd given up.
Luke got on all fours and turned to straddle him. "Admit it." Leaning over him, he tickled Matthew along his sides. "I was right."
Matthew laughed and squirmed under Luke's teasing, but despite Matthew's firm build, he was shorter and smaller than Luke and had no hope of getting the upper hand.
Then, as if Luke couldn't stand tormenting him any longer, he stopped and swept two fingertips across Matthew's forehead, wiping aside his dark hair. Then he traced an invisible path down the side of Matthew's face.
I was still as amazed as ever at how tenderly Luke touched either of us. It reminded me yet again how lucky we were that he hadn't run. He had fought himself and every fear he had to be with us.
There wasn't much I wouldn't do to be worthy of that.
Luke leaned down and planted a kiss on Matthew. He ran a hand through the back of Matthew's wavy dark hair, and lifted him off the bed, tugging him closer. The kiss deepened, their limbs mingling as their bodies came together.
Leaning against the doorjamb, I slowly unbuttoned the cuffs of my dress shirt and rolled up my sleeves. Then I froze, my breath hitching as I caught sight of Matthew's tongue pressing into the kiss. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to feel both of them against me, reach out and sink into their warm embrace, into that kiss, but I was enjoying the sight of them too much to interrupt. They were as beautiful together as that night the three of us first met.
My body started to respond.
It felt good to let the desire build. Not to rush to stroke myself in the shower so I could get off fast before I had to leave for work, or before collapsing into bed at night where they lay already asleep.
Their kiss ended, Matthew breathless. He raised his head farther off the bed and parted his lips for more.
"Hey!" With urgency Luke rolled off him and onto his side. "Don't slobber on my hair." A pup had managed to crawl up the blanket and was on the bed with them.
I pushed away from the doorway and approached. "Guess you need a bigger box."
Matthew bolted upright, a huge smile on his face. "Richard. You're home." Then his mouth dropped open, and his gaze swung to the box beside the bed. Before I could say anything, he spoke again. "It's just temporary."
I rescued Luke from the pup, carried the wiggling ball of fur to the box, and settled it inside. I returned to stand beside the bed and placed a hand under Matthew's chin. "It's cute."
"Yeah," he said around a delighted sigh that I knew had more to do with me touching him than anything about the dog. "She is, isn't she?"
I shook my head. "Not her. That look on your face." I leaned in, and he released another breathy exhale right before our lips met.
I took my time, enjoying the slow, sensual press of our mouths, the little whimper he let out as the kiss deepened and our tongues met. I grabbed him by the waist and heaved him up onto his knees, needing to be closer, needing to feel all of him against me.
He wound his arms around my neck and whimpered into the kiss again. I wasn't the only one who'd missed this connection.
Another minute of that amazing contact, and Matthew drew back. "My friend from school, Erika... She just needs someone to watch them for a few weeks. Her dad died, and she had to take time off from school to head back east."
That he wanted to help a friend with the puppies wasn't a big surprise. That was pure Matthew. He was a full-time student in a veterinary technology program, worked part-time cleaning kennels at a nearby clinic, and also volunteered at the Clark County Humane Society, lugging homeless cats and dogs to every Pet Place Palace and Artie's Animal Shop all over the city for adoption days.
"Uh-huh," I said as I gripped the bottom of his T-shirt and drew it over his head, then tossed it aside.
Luke laughed from where he still lay sprawled across the bed.
Matthew continued. "She said they weren't able to get out of the box at her apartment."
"Sure they weren't." I brushed my lips along the base of his throat, then up the side of his neck, taking in the faint scent of him—and Luke's cologne—on his skin, breathing in the combined aroma of my two lovers.
Matthew rested his hand at the back of my neck and tilted his head to give my mouth more room. Breathlessly he said, "I figured..." A slight moan escaped him as I added my tongue to the explorations. "I figured they wouldn't get into too much trouble down here in the basement."
"Uh-huh." I traced another line up the side of his neck to his ear and let my hands wander down his back to his ass.
"I'm thinking—" He stopped for a moment as if he needed to catch his breath. "I can put up some kind of barrier and keep them confined by the washing machine."
I gripped his jean-covered ass cheeks and forced him tighter against me.
That had him quiet. His lips met mine again, and he kissed me deeper, harder. Then he tugged me down to the bed so I was on top of him, the two of us lying beside Luke.
Matthew clutched my arms, my shoulders, my upper back, anywhere he could reach as he kissed me over and over. "God, I've missed you. That trip was way too long."
"Tell me about it." I pulled back and took in the sight of him lying there before me, those wide dark eyes watching me in return, that hungry, trusting look he always gave me when we were in bed together.
I had missed that look, missed him, missed them both beyond words.
I met Luke's stare. He searched my eyes and threw me a slow grin that told me he felt the same. Then he watched as I ran my hand down Matthew's bare chest and stomach, tracing the thin dark line of hair that disappeared into his jeans. I followed that same path with my lips and tongue, breathing in his scent, all while I stared up at Luke. His grin faded and desire overtook him. Fuck, how I'd missed this.
I sat up and planted my knees on either side of Matthew's hips. "What have you two been doing without me?" I popped open the top button on his jeans.
Matthew licked his lips. "Huh?"
I knew they hadn't fucked without me there. We still kept that one rule, but I wanted to hear every single thing they'd been doing together while I spent all my time working.
"What did you do last night?" Without undoing the zipper, I slid my hand into his jeans and stroked him through his underwear.
His lips parted, and he gasped. He was already hard. Had probably been that way from Luke's kisses. I knew just how amazing it felt to kiss them individually. Put them together, and it was explosive.


Continued in More Than Most (More Book 2) by Sloan Parker

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More Than Most (More Book 2) by Sloan Parker
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