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Excerpt of HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by Sloan Parker

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Genre: Gay Erotic Romantic Suspense (M/M)

Walter forced himself to continue on to the bedroom at the end of the hall.

He didn't find much. Seth's clothes were all neatly hanging in the closet. Except for a few pairs of subdued pants and dress shirts, most everything was brightly colored. Purples and pinks and lime greens. Sparkly T-shirts and a bright blue rhinestone cowboy hat. No designer labels. Nothing you wouldn’t find at Walmart. Possibly in their teen girls' section.

Using the penlight for assistance, he maneuvered the clothes around and checked all the pockets. Nothing.

He examined the closet walls and floorboards for a hidden compartment where cash or drugs could be stored. He came up empty again.

He continued on to the bathroom down the hall. The light from the hallway offered enough illumination to see inside. A long, narrow room. Kevin stood at the far end before the mirror. The towel with the ice sat on the edge of the sink. He had something in his hand. A bottle.

"Did you miss the part where I said don't touch anything?"

Kevin jumped. He dropped the bottle into the sink. It bounced, and he fumbled several times as he tried to catch it. Finally the bottle settled at the bottom of the sink. "I, uh... I was just..."

Walter moved in close so he could peer over Kevin's shoulder into the sink. A bottle of Slick It. "That's good shit."

"It is?" Kevin leaned backward. Whether he meant to do it or not, the top of his ass connected with Walter's dick. Then that incredible pressure was gone as Kevin spun around to face him. "What's it like?"

"The lube?"

"Sex. With men. You know... anal sex. Oh God. Never mind. Forget I asked that." He went to turn away, but Walter stopped him with a hand on Kevin's hip.

"You mean, what's it liked to get fucked up the ass?"

Kevin's lower lip trembled. "Yeah."

The inspiration running through Walter's brain was probably not the best idea. Not here. But Kevin had asked a direct question.

Walter spun Kevin to face the mirror and leaned in against his back and ass, pinning him between the edge of the sink and his own body. "If you and I were doing it right now, I'd start with getting you good and hard." He watched Kevin in the mirror as he glided his hand down the front of the blue shirt, then over the top of the leather pants, finally cupping the bulge the pants did nothing to hide.

He shifted his hips forward and back, putting a touch of pressure on Kevin's ass again and again, and Kevin returned the stare in the mirror.

"You'd feel how hard I was too." Walter cupped Kevin's chin and turned his head to the side. "Then I'd kiss you." Their lips met. Nothing slow or soft about this kiss. Walter opened his mouth and forced Kevin's wide. Their tongues connected in an instant and moved in a rhythmic give-and-take of pleasure until Walter made himself pull back.

"Then I'd trace your body with my mouth, lower and lower until I could feel how hard you really were--with my lips. I'd take you deep into my mouth until you forgot how nervous you were. Until all you could focus on was every stroke and flick of my tongue."

"Oh God." Kevin gripped the edges of the sink in both hands.

"Then I'd release your dick and move in behind you." Walter opened Kevin's leather pants, then slipped his hand between their bodies and inside the back of the pants. Kevin spread his legs wider.

Beautiful. The way he gave in to his desires.

Walter kept his hand moving down Kevin's ass until he had his middle finger pressed between Kevin's ass cheeks. He ran his finger over Kevin's hole and continued to rock his own body, adding more pressure to Kevin's ass with each shift of his hips. "I'd get my cock slick. I'd lube us both up good, work your ass a little to loosen you up, get you used to the sensation of something inside you. Then my cock would be at your tight hole." He thrust against Kevin's ass and held still.

He lowered his voice and whispered in Kevin's ear. "My dick would stretch your asshole open, and there would be no denying what was happening to you as I worked the head of my cock inside your body."

Kevin's breath hitched, and he dropped his head forward. His fingers went pale as his grip on the edges of the sink tightened.

"Once the head of my dick was inside you, I'd stop, wait, let the burn ease, let you really feel my thick cock penetrating your body." Walter held still, keeping his achingly hard dick snug against the back of his own hand at Kevin's ass. "Then, when I couldn't stand it any longer, when the tight heat of your body drove me absolutely crazy, I'd wait one more second, and then I'd thrust. Over and over until I had my cock buried inside you." He shifted his hips harder, forward and back, pressing his finger over and around Kevin's hole again and again, desperately wishing he'd taken the time to get Kevin's pants down and his own out of the way. But that would've been too much. For both of them.

Walter leaned down and licked along the nape of Kevin's neck, savoring the taste and scent of him.

"Then I'd bend you over so my dick would hit that spot inside you that drives a man wild. With every thrust I'd milk the pleasure from your body. Your cock would be leaking like crazy. It would be the most intense, drawn-out sexual experience you've ever known. And when I came in your ass, when you felt my heat inside you, then, and only then, would I stroke your dick until you came, your body alive and on fire. It'd be like nothing you've felt before."

"Oh God." Kevin snapped his hips and moaned.

Walter picked up the pace of his finger and his thrusts. Kevin bent forward over the sink, his hands sliding along the surface on each side. His right hand knocked over a can of shaving cream.

The can bounced on the floor, the metal smacking the linoleum over and over. The banging snapped Walter out of the trance he seemed to be in since entering the bathroom.

Oh God was right.

He was seriously losing it. Practically fucking with their clothes on in the bathroom of a stranger's apartment while they looked for clues to find said stranger. He'd never been so out of control while working on a case. Kevin's hunger just called to him. In a way no one else ever had. Not this fast. Not with this much intensity.

Walter pulled his hand out and drew back, easing up on the pressure against Kevin's ass, but he kept his grip on his hip. He glided his lips along the side of Kevin's neck to his ear, letting his tongue swipe at the flesh along the way. "Did that answer your question?"


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