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Deleted Scene from MORE by Sloan Parker

Posted on June 28, 2012

This work contains graphic language and explicit sexual content between three men. Intended for adult audiences only.

From Sloan: This is a deleted scene that never made it into the final manuscript. It's unedited so please excuse any typos or other issues I may have missed.

This is the original scene for what happened when Luke came home early after meeting with his dad for the first time, then Richard arrived, having left his office early. Some of it may sound familiar as a few descriptions and Luke's internal realizations were eventually merged into the next scene or moved elsewhere. I think this part of the story turned out much better without this sex scene, but I was still sad to hit the delete key. I’m glad I can share it with everyone now.

I hope you enjoy visiting with Luke, Matthew, and Richard.

“Hey, Luke. What ya doing home early?” Matthew rounded the corner of the dining room, barefoot and dressed in a ragged pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt that hugged every lean muscle on his chest and biceps. He hadn’t shaved and the bit of dark stubble looked sexy on him. He leaned against the doorframe and crossed one bare foot over the other. His head cocked to the side, and a few strands of dark hair fell over his eyes.

“Are you busy?” I asked.

“Nah. Just finished putting some towels and sheets in the laundry. We used up Richard’s entire supply this weekend.”

“I…uh, had a bad day. I thought I’d head home. Maybe…see what you were doing.” I’d never had such trouble asking for sex. But he wasn’t my own private sex toy. He shouldn’t make me come on command.

Matthew moved toward me, stripping off his T-shirt as he went. He unbuttoned my shirt, starting with the bottom and working up. His gaze never left mine. Once he had my shirt off, he lowered his head and tasted my skin from the top of my pants to my chin in one fluid motion of licks and sucks. His lips barely touched mine. “You need something, Luke?” He whispered the words, his tone lower than his usual voice.

“Uh-huh.” I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him.

He didn’t hold anything back. He slammed against me as we humped body against body. I popped open his jeans and shoved my hands down the back, cupping his ass. He pressed into the touch, and my fingers slipped between his ass cheeks.

He jerked away. His voice trembled. “We better sit down. Get your dick in my mouth before we start something we can’t finish.”

“Good idea.”

He grabbed my hand and walked us to the living room. He pushed me onto the couch and got a condom from the drawer of the side table. Had he stocked the entire house with the things?

He kneeled before me and opened my pants. I reached up and ran a hand through his dark hair. “I need this.”

“Good thing I’m here, then.” His smile was the last I saw of his mouth before he dipped his head and sucked my cock in. My head landed on the couch behind me.

He didn’t mess around. He knew what I needed. His hand worked the lower part of my dick while his mouth attacked the head.

Then he took me in deep. His fingers entered his mouth alongside my cock. The slick fingers glided behind my balls and over my hole. For a moment he seemed ready to push inside, but he didn’t. He rubbed and teased, over and around, apparently not even wanting to finger fuck me without Richard with us.

I heard the key turn in the lock. I opened my eyes, unable to manage lifting my head. Richard stepped into the house and heaved his briefcase and keys in the air. They missed the small table in the foyer and clattered onto the floor.

His face held the same expression it did the night I met him. Lust filled his green eyes. Not anger. Not annoyance. Not jealousy.

“Luke, I think you and I had the same idea.”

Matthew acknowledged Richard’s arrival via a cock-filled moan, but he didn’t stop with his assault on me.

Richard kneeled behind him and rubbed a hand over Matthew’s back. “Had a shit day. Got out of a meeting and cancelled my afternoon, including the dinner for tonight. Then I reminded myself if I came home early, I wouldn’t be alone.”

“Yeah…same…here.” Grunts and shallow breaths sliced my words. I patted Matthew’s head. “Close.”

“Pull off,” Richard said.

Matthew popped off the top of my cock. I whimpered, sounding more desperate than when I’d come in the door.

“I’m going to fuck you, Matthew.” Richard unzipped his own pants and reached for a condom and lube.

Matthew stood, removed his jeans in a rush, and returned to kneel before me.

Richard turned Matthew’s head and the two kissed. I ached more as I watched their lips and tongues combine. I gripped my dick.

Richard moved my hand away. “Hold on, Luke. You’re gonna come in his mouth, but after I’m up his ass.”

“Yes,” Matthew said. He lifted said ass in the air and rubbed his cheek over my balls. The scrap of his stubble offered a tantalizing mix of pleasure and a tease that left me wanting more. My body couldn’t decide what it desired, his mouth on my dick or his face rubbing all over me.

Frantic, I arched my hips off the couch. I flung my hands out and gripped at the cushions on each side of me. The cut on my hand stung with the scrape of fabric. I didn’t pull back. I pressed harder and hissed. The throb of pain mixed with the pleasure in my balls. And I liked it.

Matthew lifted his head and squeezed his eyes shut as Richard plunged into him. Watching Matthew take Richard in was almost as good as experiencing it myself. I knew with every movement, with every shudder, how he felt. Nothing looked better than the two of them coming together. I kissed Matthew’s swollen lips then pushed his head to my crotch. His mouth engulfed me. I thrust off the couch, and his finger found my ass again and pushed in.

“Yes! Matthew!” I wanted more of him inside me.

Richard’s brow furrowed in deep concentration as if he couldn’t come unless he thought on it hard enough. I wanted to give him the release I craved. Matthew did his best, though. He sucked and moved on my prick as he pushed back on Richard’s with such ferocity I couldn’t have done any better.

I worked my hand through his hair. I lifted the other to his shoulder and gripped the hand Richard had there. At my touch, Richard’s eyes met mine.

Our fingers tangled together. For a moment, my breath caught. The intimacy of holding hands with someone during sex was new for me. But with Richard, it felt right. Even if he wasn’t fucking me, I wanted to touch him when he came.

Then all I could focus on was the part of my body surrounded by suction and heat. A shudder came up from my toes and rolled through my body.

“God, Matthew.” My release pulsed in his mouth.

He let me slip from him and pushed back onto Richard harder with each thrust, his face colored with pleasure and need. When I could move, I slid my hand down the front of him and pumped his shaft. I was beginning to understand what he liked, how my thumb around the head of his dick made him crazy, how a press to his slit had him moaning louder.

Richard wrapped an arm around Matthew’s chest and pulled him onto his lap with one last slam as he came.

Matthew shuddered, and I smelled his sharp release before it hit my hand. He melted back against Richard’s chest. Strong arms were all that kept him off the floor.

“Bad day?” Richard asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “Much better now.”

“Me too.” His face held none of the pains it previously had.

“Uh-huh,” Matthew said. There was a chance he didn’t know what we were talking about.

Richard swiped several waves of dark hair from Matthew’s brow. “We wore him out.”

“I guess it takes a lot of work to get us over a bad day.”

“Yeah.” He twisted Matthew around and held him. Matthew latched on with his arms and legs and buried his face in Richard’s neck. That was a cuddle if I ever saw one. What would it feel like to be wrapped up in them? To be held? I don’t want to know. Do I?

I stood and scooped my shirt off the floor. Richard helped Matthew up the stairs while I locked the front door and picked up his keys and briefcase.

Matthew was already asleep when I climbed in the bed. Richard lay on his back, his gaze focused on the ceiling.

The even breathing next to me—a sound I wasn’t sure I wanted to try to sleep without again—relaxed me more than the sex had.

I was getting used to no longer being alone. Getting used to them. To wanting. To needing. To the easy way we were together. Shouldn’t that scare me? Shouldn’t I be leaving?

“Anything you want to talk about?” Richard asked.

“I’m good. Just need a nap.”

“Yeah.” Richard breathed deep. He rolled onto his side, reached over Matthew, and placed his hand on my hip. My skin grew warm with his touch, and the rest of me ached to feel the same. He fell asleep within a few minutes.

I didn’t. I tried to push away thoughts of my father and what the man had said. Or the way I’d found the perfect distraction when I’d gotten home. And most importantly, I tried to avoid that I was referring to the place I’d just moved into as home. Wasn’t it temporary?

It didn’t matter. None of it mattered.

For the first time in my life, I was not letting my father win. I lay in bed with two men whom I’d moved in with. Whom I’d made promises to. Whom I’d agreed to be faithful to. It was more than I had allowed myself to do since I was nineteen years old.

It was a start.

For once, I was not letting myself or my father scare me away from a good thing.

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